Budapest, capital city of Hungary

Hungary Pharmaceuticals And Healthcare Industry Analysis


One of the largest and most developed drug markets in the Eastern European region,with estimated sales of EUR 2,79bn in 2017.

– EU accession in 2004 leading to the alignment of Hungary’s primary pharmaceuticals legislation with EU standards.

– The best track record in the region for FDI in the pharmaceutical sector.

– Total health spending ultimately accounted for 7,4 % of GDP in Hungary in 2015, with per capita spending reaching EUR 1477 compared to the average of  9,9 % ( EUR 2797) respectively across OECD countries.


– Recent cuts in reimbursement levels.

– Continual downward pricing pressures.

– Falling population numbers, which has wide-ranging socio-economic implications.

– Government drug-pricing and wider healthcare policies remaining heavily politicized.