The analysis of particular pharmaceutical markets in Eastern Europe as well as strategic aims of our clients show the demand for the comprehensive servicing for large companies and pharmaceutical concerns.

The small markets of Eastern Europe do not generate sufficient income to cover high
operational costs connected to the upkeep of corporate organisational structures.
Similar situation occurs in the case of companies with a small portfolio, where the costs of the entrance upon the market are too high.

Therefore, our aim is to provide manufacturers and companies, which find themselves in such a position, professional services which enable their development on the aforementioned markets without the necessity of generating high costs and unnecessary risk.

Our collaboration with external providers and local affiliates ensure the best local and regional knowledge.
We are providing our clients support in Hungary, Poland.

MRT Pharma delivers its customized solutions through its four core business segments:

–         Regulatory Affairs Services

–         Pharmacovigilance

–         Corporate Languages Solutions (Translations, Design, DTP, Localization)

–         Sales and marketing services

The secret to our success is our ability to satisfy and retain clients. For you there will be more than 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week – that’s just how we do things. We understand that clients require fast turnarounds because of competitive pressure to get products onto the market.

The benefits we bring to our client partners are numerous:

–         Exceptional industry knowledge and experience at competitive pricing

–         Superior leadership team abreast of all current industry trends, and continuously directing company initiatives toward solutions to market challenges

–         Our talented project management team to ensure expedited project results without sacrificing quality

–         Constant focus on communication enabling stronger client project participation and control